All yoga retreats are co- hosted with friends. Bio and website links below.

Sasha Dae

Sasha picked up Yoga as it was taught by her grandmother, who began her practice at age twenty as a Vivekananda Disciple. Sasha  aligned with yoga and meditation as part of her young life and showed ease of skill in many of the advanced asanas.​ Sasha’s gentle guidance and loving touch extends from her fascination with the body as an instrument of spiritual and creative expression. Her belief in the magic of touch as a means of healing and as a conduit for energy informs her teaching style, which relies on humor, and hands-on interaction.

Fida Fadel

Fida’s philosophy is that every human being is born with a unique melody to add to the symphony of life. Her divine role is to remind you of it. Your job is to be it. Gene Keys and Astrology are the foundation of Fida’s life through which she become acquainted with her true Self and sail ecstatically through the outer world. By understanding her design she empowered herself beyond her wildest dreams and was joyfully put to work for the betterment of humankind. She carries the key of Universal Love as her life’s work, she came here to serve you with the Divine Love of her heart.


Dhruvas childhood was anything but ordinary. Unlike most Western youth, he grew up in an ashram in middle America, where his parents embraced the teachings of India and her eternal religion, which included reverence for Lord Narasimha. In the ashram, he used to serve His deity form, creating a connection of loving attachment to Him. For the past 18 years he has been traveling around India in search of the lost and unknown temples of Lord Narasimha. From the Himalaya mountains to the deepest, dangerous jungles of South India and the deserts of Rajasthan. Dhruva leads group tours to India and teaches the traditional teachings of Bhakti Tantra.

Dina Bandhu

Dina Bandhu's oceanic depths of experience in mystical crafts have produced many pearls: his renown as chef, healer, green thumb, apothecary, musician, singer, writer, speaker and mentor, domestic wizard, tantric lover, ceremonial priest.  Always expanding the expressions of his love for the earth's inhabitants, he is preparing for old age by going professional. By connecting with Dina, you are making the acquaintance of an angel for lifetimes to come. Directly to the heart of the matter, Dina is a revolutionary with style and grace.

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